Manga Princess Resurrection (2005) [Kaibutsu Oujo]

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Princess Resurrection 2005 Kaibutsu Oujo

This is a COMPLETE torrent. If you like this manga I heavily encourage you to buy it. As of this point the last 2 volumes are not available for purchase in english but will be soon. Support the artist behind this wonderful manga by heading to amazon and snatching it up.


  • 1-87 + omake (extras)
  • 1-20

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Alternative title:
  • Kaibutsu Oujo (Japanese)
  • Monster Princess
  • 怪物王女 (Japanese)

  • action, comedy, horror, supernatural


Hiro Hiyorimi is a boy who has just moved to the Sasanaki City to meet his sister. While walking down the sidewalk, he is suddenly hit by a car (crushed by construction beams in the anime). On the verge of death, he is seen by a young woman. She then resurrects him, leaving him alive in the hospital (morgue).

He wakes up confused over what happened, only to encounter the woman again as she eliminates some wolf creatures. She addresses Hiro as "her servant" and introduces herself as "Hime" (Japanese for Princess) and explains that she is a member of the royal family of the Monster Realm.
All members of the royal family are endowed with the power to turn a dead body into an immortal warrior that will serve and protect them;

Hiro is now Hime's semi-immortal warrior, but she herself is not immortal yet (which is why she needs help from warriors). The story then follows Hiro as he assists Hime in killing creatures that have been sent by her siblings to attack her in the competition for the Monster Kingdom's throne.
Hime has another servant named Flandre. Later on in the story they encounter Hime's younger sister Sherwood, Sherwood has an android named Francisca. They also encounter a vampire named Reiri and a werewolf named Liza.


After my attempts to resurrect the original torrent failed miserably I took matters into my own hands. I also realized while going through the torrents files that not only were they HUGELY unorganized, omake (extras in english) were missing, the series wasn't complete (about 30 chapters were missing), and the chapters were placed in the wrong volumes.

No offense to the original uploader is intended. It is a huge undertaking to put up a torrent and have it perfect. That being said I have a specific way I upload torrents, especially Manga. The original and now dead torrent was far too messy for me to justify seeding.

Folder naming conventions:

Many people use programs like comical and calibre to read .cbr formatted ebooks. I name my folders for manga in the following convention. <name of manga><Volume><Chapter>. Because of this people can simply rename the volume rar file and change the extension to .cbr making it work in many desktop e-reading programs.

Added folders:

I never strip credit of scanlators or their compatriots from my torrents. That being said a lot of the images added into releases disrupt the flow of reading manga or screw with ereaders (making the cover not show correctly). That is why I took all of the scanlator images from each chapter and gave them their own folder.  I urge you to read the credits and give support to people who allow you to read and watch great content. Scanlating is a HUGE undertaking.

I also included a cover folder for those who use calibre or programs like it. Sometimes these programs do not pick up the cover for their preview and it has to be manually found. It is also nice to see the covers in order.

On Torrenting:

Some call it Piracy. I call it an evolving consumer culture. Almost all of you would, if you had the money on hand, purchase the content of the torrents you download. Many of you see an anime or manga and fall in love with it, later purchasing it and giving the artists money. Not only that, many of you tell friends who then buy it. It creates an entire culture of people who love the art. Furthermore many of the manga or anime on this site aren't even available in our country.


For more on How Piracy is actually good for the economy:

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Princess Resurrection 2005 Kaibutsu Oujo ScreenshotsPrincess Resurrection 2005 Kaibutsu Oujo ScreenshotsPrincess Resurrection 2005 Kaibutsu Oujo Screenshots

Princess Resurrection 2005 Kaibutsu Oujo ScreenshotsPrincess Resurrection 2005 Kaibutsu Oujo ScreenshotsPrincess Resurrection 2005 Kaibutsu Oujo Screenshots

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