Anime Series HD Dragon Ball Z Kai Complete [HD 720p]

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Dragon Ball Z Kai Complete

Official Title: Dragon Ball Kai
Type: TV Series
Episodes: 98
Synonyms: Dragonball Kai, Drakonų Kova: Kai, 龙珠·改, 龙珠改
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: 05.04.2009 till 27.03.2011
Producers: FUNimation, Toei Animation
Genres: Action, Adventure, Alien, Cyborgs, Fantasy, Genetic Modification, Humanoid Alien, Manga, Martial Arts, Shounen, Space Travel, Super Power, Violence
Duration: 23 min. per episode

The DBZ TV series is receiving an extensive "refresh" for Japanese television airing on the 20th anniversary of DBZ. While based on the original animation production, it is being updated with new technology, including cropping the frames for formatting on an HD 16:9 display. The original Japanese cast is re-grouping to re-voice the show (where available, and unfortunately not including those that have passed on, such as Suzuoki Hirotaka [Tenshinhan]). Sound effects are being updated, and the OPs and EDs are being completely redone.

New content includes a brief look at the last moments of Bardock and Planet Vegeta, an overview of young Goku's growing up years (Dragonball, the pre-Z period) up until his triumph over Piccolo at the Tenkaichi-Budokai, and the all-too-brief and yet still somewhat triumphant return of Farmer with a Shotgun!


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24 Apr 2016 [8:25 pm]

Can you guys please seed


21 Dec 2015 [2:49 pm]

Thanks, done DL it...seeding it now


12 Aug 2015 [5:36 am]

Currently seeding everyone who needs this torrent hit it up we all seeding 1MB+/s!


11 Aug 2015 [10:10 pm]

I need to get my ratio up, I got this once in the past but im downloading it 2nd time over so that I can seed it to you guys so more seeding coming!


10 Aug 2015 [10:57 pm]

please please seed!!!!!1


10 Aug 2015 [6:11 pm]

Thanks Sekai_Desu, i only needed the last 2 episodes ;-)


13 May 2015 [10:19 am]

Thanks alot for the upload appreciate old favorites brings me back for sure.



07 Apr 2015 [12:37 pm]

Are all the episodes here in Japanese? The last two torrents I downloaded all had Ep2 in English.


07 Mar 2015 [12:04 am]

I highly recommend that anyone who wants to watch this get VLC player. You can choose between both English and Japanese audio, or Enlgish and Japanese Subs! It's great!

VLC Player is also really streamlined, and there's an Android version of it that can play MKVs!

For anyone wondering about the censorship, so far it looks uncut. Krillin bled in the first episode, so I can't imagine it's going to censor other bloody parts.


25 Feb 2015 [11:02 pm]

This torrent - in my case - plays the English audio track by default, and the Japanese is seletcable.


20 Feb 2015 [8:40 pm]

Should I download this one, or the one below:


03 Feb 2015 [7:59 am]

Good upload, however it is not complete, Buu saga is still finishing at this time.


23 Jan 2015 [12:25 pm]

This isn't cenmsored, they just left out all the stupid crap, like gohan making some robot friend while learning to survive, and the part when bulma, gohan, and krillin mistakenly go to a wrong planet when their ship was set for the actual namek and not some fake planet illusion. and the filler parts where the show would go back to earth to show how chichi and roshi and all the boring characters are doing like anyone actually cares, but in their places the show has more battle seens, more mature dialogue, since the only people who watch this are the ones who grew up with the original as a kid but want a more adult version. that's the purpose dbz kai fulfills. thanks a lot uploader don't let these childish critics get to you.


01 Nov 2014 [11:08 am]

People still seeding this? I'm stuck at 90.2%!


28 Oct 2014 [10:21 am]

This is the heavily censored version with music from Kenji Yamamoto: this is crap. If you like the US version, stick to the original DBZ and if you like the manga, find the uncensored Kai with Shunsuke Kikuchi's score.


26 Oct 2014 [12:17 pm]

Which subgroup and which group is the decoder?


05 Oct 2014 [9:01 pm]

Hi im tryin to download but not workin think i need more seeders can some1 plz help


27 Sep 2014 [3:22 pm]

Plz seed me here. m a newbie...


27 Sep 2014 [2:16 pm]

pliz seed 4 me, am a newbie here (fingers crossed)


26 Sep 2014 [4:29 am]

not bad not bad at all ...this isn't complete but it will do just fine...this is only up to season 4...season 5 isn't out yet but it should be coming out soon...the buu saga


15 Sep 2014 [4:38 am]

Seeding now. Thanks. ^^


10 Sep 2014 [6:50 am]

Beautiful thank you


29 Aug 2014 [2:07 am]

does this gp through all the arcs like android and buu sagas


14 Aug 2014 [1:26 pm]

Ty my friend nice work


14 Aug 2014 [2:19 am]

+1 on MX player, works like a charm


12 Aug 2014 [7:30 pm]

I'm so downloading this, but for everyone who can't play anything downloaded from animetorrents, I STRONGLY recommend MX Player for Android devices. It's really easy to use, plays almost ALL video formats and allows real-time switching between any audio channels and subs in the video, perfect for anime. It's also free.


07 Aug 2014 [11:56 pm]

Can I get help seeding this thing? Taking forever! :)

Thanks for the great torrent!


05 Aug 2014 [3:12 pm]

Bad subtitles in my humble opinion.


04 Aug 2014 [6:02 am]

Is this bluray sourced?


03 Aug 2014 [9:44 pm]

Got it complete to add to my archive, though incidently getting something else made me enter leecher status before member. ANYONE WHO WANTS THIS, a bunch of nice seeders are available including myself with up to 350KB/s down. I've already assisted in one person completing the torrent. Next one I have to get from here is Dragon Ball Digitally remastered, can't wait then I shall have my childhood series in much better quality than I had previously. Thanks to all, and to me seeding until my ratio is above 1.0 and I can become member for the first time here.


27 Jul 2014 [6:19 pm]

dose it have english dub ???


21 Apr 2014 [10:10 pm]

Thank you, what an amazaing upload, deeply greatful fo this. I grew up with Dragon Ball Z on TV as a child back in 2000, a family friends son is growing up with Dragon Ball Z Kai from 2013, although the airing hasn't been consistent for him. This will make him very happy when I put it on his tablet for him :)


14 Apr 2014 [1:13 pm]

I am new here and I will assist in seeding this thing for a long while. Thanks for the upload!


29 Mar 2014 [2:26 am]

The episodes are Dual Audio but I can't get the subtitles to work it may be my media player, also I just checked I think some episodes are just English audio I should have checked before I uploaded this on here.


18 Mar 2014 [7:07 pm]

is this Japaneses audio and English subtitle ?

please try to answer ASAP


24 Feb 2014 [6:41 am]

Db kai is great for younger people that haven't seen the series already, but due to heavy censorship, I would recommend you the original version. Just take a look at it .


10 Feb 2014 [4:55 pm]

Actually I'm choosing which one will I download, the Original Dragon BALL Z or this Kai series...
But in the end with my sister request I decided to Download Kai.

I've been a fan of this series since I was 10 years old (1993) when I first watched it in RPN channel 9 (Philippines) and take note they only air it during Thursday night from 7 pm till 8 pm (2 episodes per week) and now I will have all the luxury of watching it again with no commercial break and no waiting time.

Thanks for the upload.


24 Jan 2014 [9:36 pm]

Thanks keep seeding guys


24 Jan 2014 [7:54 am]

thank you!


04 Dec 2013 [5:06 am]

Thanks Excellent Quality (=


05 Nov 2013 [1:55 pm]

Thank you !


31 Oct 2013 [9:12 pm]