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Princess Knight Catue 1 3Princess Knight Catue 1 3


Main Title Princess Knight Catue (a7519)
Official Title プリンセスナイト☆カチュア
Type OVA, 3 episodes
Year 11.06.2010 till 18.11.2011
Categories 18 Restricted, Anal, Dating Sim - Visual Novel, Demons, Erotic Game, Fantasy, Incest, Large Breasts, Nudity, Rape, Sex - similar
Resources ANN, Official page (jp), Official page (jp)(2), Official page (jp)(3), [more]
Rating 5.00 (106) (weighted)
Average 6.52 (109)
Review Rating N/A (0)
Stats 3 eps,


Dragundaala, a country belonging to the descendants of dragons, has been conquered by an army of demons. With the king and queen captured by the demon army general, Ginyol, princess Catue attempts to rescue them, but gets caught. All is not lost, however, as Ginyol agrees to free the king and queen, and withdraw his army entirely if princess Catue can endure his sexual acts of depravity for 7 days.


Princess Knight Catue 1 3 ScreenshotsPrincess Knight Catue 1 3 ScreenshotsPrincess Knight Catue 1 3 Screenshots



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