Hentai (censored) Oni Chichi [DVDRip] [SD 480p]

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Oni Chichi

Type: OVA
Episodes: 6
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 30, 2009 to Apr 28, 2011
Producers: PoRO


Video: 480p | MKV (x264) | 23.98 fps
Audio: AC3 |  2 channels | 48.0KHz
Subtitles: ASS | Styled Soft

Vol. 1 Plot Summary: Marina and Airi's mother divorced few years ago and got remarried recently to a young man. While Marina accepts her new stepfather, Airi detests him. Little do they know that really he's a pervert that sniffs their underwear and wants to make them his own by making a love drug that will turn Marina and Airi into a sex-hungry sluts. When Airi comes home and notices her schoolmate Sana giving him a blowjob, he sprays the drug on her. Now he will do with them whatever he pleases. (Source: MAL)

Vol. 2 Plot Summary: One week after losing his wife in an accident, the father of the Makino family finds himself thinking the wrong thing about his four lovely daughters. When the rebellious Natsume gets into trouble at school, it's time for daddy dearest to administer some discipline of the sexual variety. Soon, he's giving the same treatment to motherlike Akira, over-achieving Haruka, and sickly Fuyu. Whether they want it or not. (Source: MAL)

Vol. 3 Plot Summary: Airi keeps her relation with her father but he treats her as an object sometimes which makes her angry. One day while watching a movie she gets assaulted giving start to an affair with one of her school's teachers. (Source: ANN)


Oni Chichi ScreenshotsOni Chichi ScreenshotsOni Chichi Screenshots

Oni Chichi ScreenshotsOni Chichi ScreenshotsOni Chichi Screenshots



28 Aug 2014 [11:27 am]

Also is this the first series, Oni Chichi or is it the sequel Oni Chichi Re-born? The title pic is clearly from Re-birth but the torrent title and name are for the first series.


28 Aug 2014 [11:24 am]

Can't open the torrent. It says that the torrent contains an invalid file path. I attempted to open this with an updated client of UTorrent.


18 Mar 2013 [9:14 pm]

Add to the torrent the second episode from Oni Chichi Re-born - [SubDESU-H] Oni Chichi Reborn - 02 (848x480 x264 AAC) [BDD70CB3].mp4